NEVER pull the
battery cable to tow!
NEVER drain the
battery while towing!

Eliminate the inconvenience and danger of pulling your battery cable with these battery disconnects. Just connect it and forget it — after the initial installation, the vehicle can be towed and then driven without any further adjustment to the battery ever!

Battery Disconnects are ideal for anyone towing a vehicle which must be towed with the battery cable disconnected. Battery Disconnects provide a positive current source for break away systems or other accessories which must be connected to the battery.

Note: neither the 766 nor the 765 is for use with diesel engine vehicles. A gasoline engine will typically surge less than 100 amps during starting. Due to the very high compression ratio of diesels, they can surge up to ten times that amount, causing the solenoid to fail.


766  Automatic Battery Disconnect

Features of the 766:
• activates with a remote switch, usually located inside the towed vehicle's passenger compartment
• works on virtually all 12-volt batteries
View the installation instructions for the 766

Features of the 765:
• Fully automatic 'connect and forget' operation
• marine-grade high-amperage solenoid and contacts
• 600-amp surge
• silver contacts for extended life
• works on virtually all 12-volt batteries
• a constant charged current to the battery during towing, charging the battery up to full capacity.
View the installation instructions for the 765


765  Automatic Battery Disconnect

Our Vehicle Specific Application Chart identifies vehicles which can benefit from a battery disconnect, and contains a wealth of other important information related to towing your vehicle.