Combo kits contain all the necessary accessories
you need, matched to your ROADMASTER tow bar.
Kit 9243-1 pictured above.

For the ROADMASTER All Terrain series of tow bars. Each kit contains:

• A wiring kit with four "Hy-Power" diodes (if necessary, additional diodes may be purchased separately)
• A power cord to connect the vehicles, with a 7-wire plug for the motorhome (attached) and a plug and socket for the towed vehicle (except the Sterling All Terrain tow bar, which comes with a power cord)
• A bracket to mount the power cord socket
• A pair of safety cables (rated at 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 lb. capacity, depending on the model you choose — see below)(except for the Nighthawk and Sterling All Terrain tow bars, which both come with safety cables)
• Two case-hardened steel padlocks (keyed alike) for added security. Note: 9252 also includes one coupler padlock keyed to match the other padlocks.
• A marine-grade vinyl cover to protect your tow bar
• A marine-grade vinyl storage bag — for all your towing accessories

Nighthawk and Sterling All-Terrain (8,000-pound capacity — does not include safety cables or power cord but does include can of silicone lubricant and receiver padlock)
StowMaster and Stowmaster All-Terrain (6,000-pound capacity — with coiled safety cables and coiled power cord)
Falcon 2 and Falcon All-Terrain (8,000-pound capacity — with hybrid coiled and straight safety cables and power cord)
BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain (10,000-pound capacity — with coiled safety cables and straight power cord)