Crossbar Covers by Roadmaster

Nixtopper by Roadmaster

The quick and easy way to add some pizzazz to the front of your towed vehicle (and protect your knees) without having to remove the crossbar! Simply remove the linch pins, position the Nixtopper over the quick-disconnects and replace the pins. The Nixtopper™ is made of black high impact ABS and comes with a front license plate frame. Attaches in seconds and is just as quickly removed. Fits any ROADMASTER towing system with a quick-disconnect release.

4100 Nixtopper™ Crossbar Cover


Cross bar cover by Roadmaster

Our quick-disconnect crossbar cover is designed to cover the car-side brackets and crossbar when the tow bar is disconnected. This ‘car wash safe’ cover will help keep your tow bar, brackets and quick-disconnect crossbar free of dirt and road grime when not in use, ensuring smooth and easy tow bar operation.

105 Quick-disconnect Crossbar Cover