A Brake-Lite Relay stops the brake lights from functioning until the vehicle is started. This prevents the towed vehicle's brake signal from overriding the motorhome's turn signal.

When you tow without the Brake-Lite Relay, your towed vehicle's brake lights alone will work fine. Your turn signals alone will work fine.

But if you're braking and turning, the brake light from the towed vehicle will override the turn signal from the motorhome and drivers behind you will be unaware you're about to turn.

When do you need a Brake-Lite Relay?
You only need a Brake-Lite Relay if you're installing a supplemental braking system that pushes or pulls the brake pedal.

With the engine off for five minutes, step on the brakes. If the brake lights do not illuminate, you don't need a Brake-Lite Relay. (The five-minute wait is to allow time for the 'automatic shut down' feature, which is present on some newer vehicles, to kick in. This feature shuts down power to most electrical systems when the engine is off).
If you're using magnetic tow lights or a bulb and socket wiring kit, you do not need a Brake-Lite Relay.
If both your motorhome and towed vehicle are wired for separate brake and turn signals, you do not need a Brake-Lite Relay.

Note: many newer vehicles have a 'sleep mode,' which shuts down most electronics including the brake lights when the engine is turned off; however, the sleep mode does not happen instantly. It takes a certain amount of time and that time varies considerably from vehicle to vehicle. Until your vehicle's brake lights 'go to sleep,' they will override the turn signal during towing. To avoid this, you can either: a) install a Brake-Light Relay; b) wire the vehicle such that the turn signals function while towing; c) install a bulb and socket kit, or d) wait for the sleep mode to activate before towing. The option to choose is a function of what works best for your particular vehicle and motorhome combination.

To our knowledge, no other supplemental braking system manufacturer provides this accessory.

Comes standard with Even Brake®.

    • All wires and components included
    • Easy-to-follow instructions

88400  Brake-Lite Relay kit