Electrical Solutions
    From the Automatic Battery Disconnect to wiring kits, ROADMASTER has the electrical solution you need for towing.

Eliminate extra hassle for vehicles that need the battery disconnected by using this 'connect it and forget it' accessory.

Ensure your towed vehicle's brake lights never override the motorhome's turn signal with this part.

Keep your battery full-charged with this kit.

Prevent electrical feedback with these diodes.

Find the electrical cord that best fits your particular tow bar.

Avoid pulling fuses each time you tow. Just flip a switch and go.

Brighten the illumination of your towed vehicle's brake and turn signals in 'separate' to 'combined' wiring situations.

Three wiring solutions Universal Wiring Kit, Taillight Wiring Kit and Magnetic Tow Lights ensure an easy install and safety for your towed vehicle.