By law, a towed vehicle's turn signals, running lights and brake lights must mimic the motorhome's.

There are three ways to accomplish that:

   1. A system of diodes;
   2. Installing new taillights in the towed vehicle using either an incandescent or        LED bulb and socket kit; or
   3. Magnetic tow lights

Each method has its advantages. Whichever one you choose, ROADMASTER has a kit with all the necessary components, and step-by-step instructions.

universal wiring kit
Universal Wiring Kit 154

Universal Wiring Kit

This kit uses a system of diodes to connect your towed vehicle's turn signals, running lights and brake signals to your motorhome's. Diodes prevent electrical feedback and protect both vehicles' electrical systems. The kit comes complete with:

  • four Hy-Power diodes;
  • a 27-foot length of four-wire electrical cord with 4-way flat connectors;
  • three feet of split wire loom;
  • a six-foot power cord with 4-way flat connectors (connects electricity between      the two vehicles);
  • a ring terminal;
  • cable ties; and
  • wire connector

154  Universal Wiring Kit with four Hy-Power Diodes
152  Economy Wiring Kit — does not include molded four-way plugs or six-foot cord

universal wiring kit
Vehicle Wiring Kit 15267

'All-in-one' Towed Vehicle Wiring Kits

These kits are for the most popular towing combinations. They include everything in the 154 above, plus a Flexo-Coil power cord, electrical socket and mounting bracket.

15247  For 4-to-7 wire towing combos
15267  For 6-to-7 wire towing combos

Bulb and Socket Wiring Kits

A major advantage of a bulb and socket kit is that it bypasses the towed vehicle's electrical system, which eliminates the concern of interacting with any vehicle electronics. Wiring is routed underneath the car, to a socket mounted to the grille or fascia. Since the towed vehicle' electrical system is bypassed, this kit eliminates the concern of voiding the vehicle manufacturer's warranty. We offer two different bulb and socket kits to meet your needs.

Note: as with all kits of this type, the towed vehicle's taillights must have room for an extra socket and bulb inside the lens housing.

universal wiring kit
LED Bulb and Socket Kit 152-LED

LED Bulb and Socket Kit

LEDs have significant safety and appearance advantages over incandescent bulbs - they're brighter, they activate faster and they last longer. Another advantage is that LEDs do not generate significant heat, so there's no danger of melting the taillight lens.

This complete kit contains a 27-foot wiring harness, butt connectors, two LED bulbs, two sockets, zip ties, ring terminals, split loom and installation instructions.

152-LED  LED Bulb and Socket Kit
152-2  LED Bulbs and Sockets only - 2 pack
152-50 LED Bulbs only - 2 pack

Incandescent Bulb and Socket Kit

universal wiring kit
Incandescent Bulb and Socket Kit 155

This economical kit option contains 27-foot wiring harness with molded plug, a 4-wire power cord with molded plugs, butt connectors, two bulbs, two sockets, zip ties, and installation instructions.

155  Incandescent Bulb and Socket Kit
155-2 One pair of bulbs and sockets
155-10  10-pack of bulbs and sockets only (bulk-packed)

Magnetic Tow Lights Kit

universal wiring kit
Magnetic Tow Lights 2100

ROADMASTER's Magnetic Tow Lights are the quick and easy way to connect your towed vehicle's electrical system to your motorhome's. The system is self-contained, and requires no splicing into the towed vehicle's electrical system.

  • Fits all vehicles
  • Magnets hold lights securely
  • Heavy-duty vinyl casing for      maximum wire protection
  • Meets DOT standards
  • Includes plugs, sockets, and wire      harness
  • Wiring cable length: 29 feet

2100  Deluxe Magnetic Tow Lights (inc. carrying case, anti-scratch pads and wire harness)
2120  Standard Magnetic Tow Lights (inc. 4-wire flat plugs and harness)