(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I need supplemental brakes?
Weight limits for towing
Which system is right for me?

What is BrakeMaster?
BrakeMaster connects directly to the motorhome’s air or hydraulic brake system, so that brake line pressure in the motorhome controls the brakes in the towed vehicle. Because it connects directly to what powers your motorhome’s brakes, BrakeMaster is a truly synchronized, proportional braking system.

What does ‘proportional braking’ mean?
Proportional braking is even braking — your towed vehicle’s brakes respond to your motorhome’s brakes, at the same time and at the same intensity.

How does BrakeMaster work?
BrakeMaster uses air pressure to proportionately activate an air cylinder that applies the brakes in the towed vehicle just as if you were pressing on them yourself.

Where does BrakeMaster get its air supply?
If your motorhome has air brakes, BrakeMaster is connected to the existing braking system. If your motorhome has hydraulic brakes, there’s a BrakeMaster system that includes a compressor to supply air to the BrakeMaster air cylinder.

My vehicle has power brakes, but when the engine is turned off, the power brakes do not function. Will BrakeMaster work on my vehicle?
Yes. BrakeMaster is designed to work with vehicles that have a power brake system, but the engine (and the power brakes) are turned off while the vehicle is being towed.

Is the motorhome’s brake line, or the brake line pressure, compromised in any way?
No. Typically, one pre-existing fitting is removed, and replaced with another. This replacement fitting (as well as all hardware used to install BrakeMaster) meets or exceeds the automotive manufacturing standards established by both the Department of Transportation and the American National Standards Institute.

Will it work in my motorhome and towed vehicle?
Yes. The BrakeMaster air cylinder is universal, and works in virtually any towed vehicle with power brakes. The type of braking system in your motorhome determines which BrakeMaster is right for you — kits are available for motorhomes with air brakes, air over hydraulic brakes, or hydraulic brakes.

Can I switch it between towed vehicles?
Yes. Second vehicle kits are available. These allow you to have a braking system for both (or more) towed vehicles without the expense of another complete system.

Does it fit in my car?
BrakeMaster fits in virtually all vehicles.

How long does it take to install?
Depending on the type of brakes in your motorhome, the initial installation takes from six to eight hours. After the initial installation, it only takes a minute or two to connect or disconnect from the towed vehicle.

Can I install it myself?
We recommend that you have BrakeMaster installed by a competent mechanic, with experience in motorhome installations.

How do I know it’s working?
A monitor light in the motorhome dash illuminates when the towed vehicle’s brakes are applied.

I have an anti-lock braking system on my car. Will BrakeMaster interfere with it?
No. Anti-lock braking only works when the car’s power is on. Since the power will be turned off when you tow your vehicle, BrakeMaster will not interfere with your anti-lock braking system.

Why is BrakeMaster better?
•  Rock-solid, reliable braking — because it connects directly to what powers your motorhome’s brakes, BrakeMaster is a truly proportional, truly synchronized braking system — however you brake the motorhome, BrakeMaster automatically applies the same pressure. Every time.
•  Very easy to use — once the system is installed, BrakeMaster connects and disconnects from the towed vehicle in under a minute, without any tools, adjustments or settings.
•  Weighs just 3.75 pounds and measures under two feet in length — stores almost anywhere.
•  The towed vehicle’s brakes are not altered in any way, so the factory warranty is not affected.
•  It’s made by ROADMASTER, the acknowledged leader in RV towing products. More people put their trust in ROADMASTER towing systems than in any other brand.