for your hybrid
or Hummer H3!

With the Brake Pressure Reducer, you can now install BrakeMaster in a Ford Escape or C-Max hybrid, a Mercury Mariner hybrid, a Hummer H3, or any vehicle with an full-time ‘active’ power braking system. By working in conjunction with these braking systems, the Brake Pressure Reducer delivers a correspondingly reduced braking pressure that eliminates over-braking issues previously associated with these hybrids and Hummers.

In addition to BrakeMaster, the Brake Pressure Reducer will work in other supplemental braking systems which use pressurized air to brake the towed vehicle.

Connects to the air line in just a few minutes; adjust the variable control to set and lock in the precise braking pressure.

If you already own a BrakeMaster, the Brake Pressure Reducer is an excellent choice as a braking solution. If not, consider an InvisiBrake, which is the only ROADMASTER braking system that works right out of the box with most vehicles which have full-time ‘active’ power braking systems.

For a list of applicable vehicles, click here.

900002 Brake Pressure Reducer