universal brake monitorUniversal Brake Monitor

The best upgrade or replacement monitor available!

Truly universal and works with all braking systems that depress the brake pedal.

Exceptional range and reliability for line-of-sight transmission confirmed to 1,000 feet; proprietary send/repeat circuitry confirms each signal at 100 percent reception.

Protects the towed vehicles brakes and reports any braking activity to the motorhome monitor; includes a low-battery alert, extended braking and break-away alarms, and five other audio and/or visual alarms and system status notifications.

30-minute installation, all at the towed vehicle; simply plug the motorhome monitor into any 12-volt outlet.

    • Automatic operation activates only when the vehicles are connected for towing.
    • Specifications for frequency: 923 MHz; voltage: 12V; sleep current: 30mA

9530  Universal Brake Monitor