Roadmaster rolls out new interactive fit guide
2 Oct 2017 The FitMaster incorporates the core products into one user-friendly interface.

Roadmaster releases new Nighthawk tow bar
7 Mar 2017 The Nighthawk, Roadmaster's newest tow bar, is equipped with eye-catching LED lighting features.

Jerry Edwards: 'Consummate Entrepreneur'
29 Nov 2016 Check out this profile piece on Roadmaster's owner written by our friends over at the RV Daily Report.

Sterling All-Terrain 'How It's Made' video added
15 Jun 2016 We have added a new video to our YouTube channel on the Sterling All-Terrain, courtesy of our friends over at The RV Geeks.

Sterling All-Terrain rating increased
13 Jan 2016 Have you heard? The Sterling All-Terrain is now rated for 8,000 pounds of towing capacity!

Spare Tire Carrier video added
29 Sept 2015 We have added a new video to our YouTube channel on the Spare Tire Carrier, courtesy of our friends over at Rollin' On TV.

Spare Tire Carrier 'may be one of the best problem-solving devices you can buy for a motorhome'
17 Sept 2015 The Spare Tire Carrier garners favorable reviews from the folks at Motorhome Magazine in this article.

'Prepping the toad for the road'
15 Sept 2015 Our friends over at Drive.Dive.Devour. have illustrated the process they went through to get their new Xterra ready for life behind a motorhome.

RSS product demonstration video added
3 Sept 2015 This video shows the difference that adding RSS products such as an anti-sway bar, TruTrac and Reflex can have on the drivability of your motorhome or truck camper.

New product Introducing the Spare Tire Carrier
25 Aug 2014 Most motorhome owners don't carry a spare. Don't be at the whim and mercy of local shops if you get a flat bring your own and control your costs.

Towing mistakes video added
4 Jun 2014 See what our friends Jason and Nikki Wynn have to say about the towing mistakes they've made over the years, and how to avoid making the same ones.

Dinghy towing guides now available
24 Apr 2014 We are now offering electronic copies of the annual Dinghy Towing Guides, courtesy of Motorhome Magazine. Click the link above to visit the new page for access to these documents.

Tow Defender featured in Motorhome Magazine
8 Jan 2014 Tow Defender is noted for its 'good design' and 'well-made hardware' in this article.

ROADMASTER awarded 2013 Reader's Choice Awards from Motorhome Magazine
2 Dec 2013 We are honored to have been chosen for the 'Readers' Choice Award' for two important categories: tow bars and braking systems.

Motorhome Magazine Reviews the FuseMaster
8 Aug 2013 See what Motorhome Magazine has to say about Roadmaster's newest product.

New EZ4 and EZ5 brackets now available
10 Jun 2013 Our brand-new, spring-loaded Twistlock designs are now available for some of the newest vehicle models. Visit our Vehicle-Specific Information to see if we have a new design for your vehicle.

Newest catalog released
31 May 2013 Find a copy of our newest catalog, now available for download.

InvisiBrake Application Resource Guide
22 April 2013 Find helpful tips for installing InvisiBrake on various makes and models of vehicles.

New FuseMaster for multiple 2013 GMC vehicles
12 April 2013 Our newest FuseMaster disconnects the two fuses on the battery cable located under the passenger rear floorboard.

Easily compare braking systems with one click
28 March 2013 Tired of researching braking systems? With one click above, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Roadmaster Europe launches web site
26 March 2013 Our largest European distributor, Roadmaster Europe, can now be found online with a website in both Dutch and English. For contact information, visit www.roadmastereurope.com.

Roadmaster Volumetric Mixers now on social media sites
4 March 2013 Our largest subsidiary, Roadmaster Volumetric Mixers, can now be found on popular social media sites. For more information, visit www.rmmixer.com.

ROADMASTER awarded 2012 Reader's Choice Awards from Motorhome Magazine
3 Dec 2012 We are honored to have been chosen for the 'Reader's Choice Award' for two important categories: tow bars and braking systems.

'Preventing tow bar failure' article in Highways Magazine
19 Oct 2012 Find basic tips from David Robinson, ROADMASTER's Director of Marketing, on how to keep your tow bar functioning properly.

FuseMaster now available
18 Sept 2012 Avoid pulling fuses every time you tow. With FuseMaster, just flip a switch and you're ready to tow.

Online warranty registration now available
13 Aug 2012 Apprehensive about sending personal information through the mail? Now you can register your warranty online at the above link.

Customer feedback form now live
8 Aug 2012 Whether it's a testimonial or constructive criticism, visit the link above to let us know how you feel about ROADMASTER's products and service. We welcome all feedback.

InvisiBrake awarded "Best New Product for 2011" by NTP Distribution
6 Mar 2012 Invisibrake received NTP's coveted 'Best New Product' award for 2011. Click the link above for our official press release and a picture of the award.

New Shows/Rallies page launches
29 Dec 2011 Our 2012 show schedule is now online so you can see when we will be at a show or rally near you! The page is accessible by the above link but is also easily located via the top level menu on all pages of the site.

InvisiBrake featured in TrailBlazer Magazine article
29 Dec 2011 TrailBlazer Magazine looks at an InvisiBrake install and real-world testing in their latest issue.

New videos page in ROADMASTER media
14 Oct 2011 Now, all our Youtube videos are linked to our media section so you can see us in action at the trade shows; find out basic information on how to clean a towbar, or about new products such as the InvisiBrake.

InvisiBrake featured in new Truck Camper Magazine article
21 Sept 2011 Check out our write-up in Truck Camper Magazine this month, as they install and test our newest braking system, the InvisiBrake.

ROADMASTER featured in Motorhome Magazine
23 Jun 2011 Favorable reviews of ROADMASTER's Honda CR-V mounting bracket, Sterling tow bar and Even Brake are featured in the August 2011 printed edition of Motorhome Magazine.

InvisiBrake now available
15 Jun 2011 ROADMASTER has launched a revolutionary innovation in supplemental braking systems nothing.

New testimonials on ROADMASTER's customer service team
2 Jun 2011 Nothing speaks to the quality of our products more than the loyalty of our customers. Visit our Product Testimonials page for information on our service and products in our customer's own words.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: ROADMASTER joins social media sites
29 Apr 2011 — ROADMASTER can now be found on social media sites using the links above or the corresponding button on the bottom of each page of this web site. Plugging into social media outlets allows us more timely communication with our customers as well as the ability to use different mediums for disseminating information.

New Tow Defender offers versatility for most towing combinations
18 Mar 2011 — The newest Tow Defender is also the most versatile. The Tow Defender 4750 fits both Blue Ox and Demco towing systems, along with all towing systems utilizing ROADMASTER motorhome-mounted tow bars. Read more about the complete line of Tow Defenders offered by ROADMASTER.

ROADMASTER, Inc. corporate headquarters map
1 Jan 2011 — This past year, the company completed a massive relocation to consolidate operations from four locations to one. As a result, the company is now headquartered in Vancouver, WA, across the river from Portland, OR — its former home.