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Very few people would say they bought their motorhome (or truck, van or SUV) for the suspension. For most of us, the suspension is out of sight and out of mind — even though your driving performance, safety and comfort are all riding on those components.

Unequal weight distribution, worn or inadequate components, excessive axle side play or a higher center of gravity can quickly overpower a stock suspension, even in everyday driving. Unfortunately, finding a solution can be as frustrating as dealing with the consequences.

To determine if we have a suspension component that fits your vehicle, give our towing experts a call at 1-800-669-9690 option 2 or visit our interactive guide.

Need a cure for your 'white-knuckle fever'? Try a ROADMASTER suspension product.

          Do you need a custom suspension component?
          Every “yes” to one of the following questions is a “yes” for an anti-sway bar, a steering stabilizer
          and/or a trac bar…

• Do you experience body roll when cornering?
• Does driving for an extended period of time leave you physically exhausted?
• Is your rig all over the road — can’t keep it between the lines?
• Would you lose control if one of the front tires blew out?
• Does the steering wheel have a mind of its own?
• Do passing 18-wheelers and crosswinds rock your vehicle back and forth?
• Is driving a ‘white knuckle’ experience?

Which component is right for you?
ROADMASTER designs, engineers and manufactures anti-sway bars, trac bars, and steering stabilizers for both original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket. Anti-sway bars, trac bars and steering stabilizers work in concert with the other components of your suspension system to add stability and control.

Each of these components has a specific role to play.

The graph below identifies the primary benefits of aftermarket suspension products. Each one has value — for a specific application. It’s important to understand and identify what you’re experiencing, so you can select the correct product solution. Note: the items in yellow below denote products offered by ROADMASTER.

RSS Chart
Here's how to be the expert — Use this chart when addressing your suspension and handling concerns to make an informed decision about what aftermarket suspension product(s) you need. Know your need and the products that will meet them. Shocks provide comfort; air bags support weight; anti-sway bars control left-to-right sway; trac bars reduce 'wander,' and steering stabilizers provide blow out protection.

The primary benefits of ROADMASTER suspension components are…

Anti-sway bars — virtually eliminate ‘body roll’ (the vehicle rolls from side to side, especially during cornering). Anti-sway bars stabilize the vehicle, which keeps it level through crosswinds, as well as dramatically improving overall handling.

Davis TruTrac bars — drastically reduce ‘wander’ (the steering feels loose, making it difficult — and physically exhausting — to keep the vehicle in a straight line).

Reflex Steering Stabilizers — front tire blow out protection. Stabilizers also automatically compensate for oversteer caused by pot holes, rut tracks and other unfavorable road conditions.

Each of these components will protect your vehicle (improved tire life, reduced suspension wear, reduced maintenance costs and improved vehicle performance) and protect your family (better driving control, reduced driver fatigue, more control in evasive maneuvers, and improved driver confidence).

Every ROADMASTER suspension component is designed as a custom fit, for a specific chassis. ROADMASTER engineering designs take into consideration chassis and axle manufacturers' specifications (your warranty will not be affected).