Anti-sway Bar Suspension Solutions

Ford F150 with anti-sway bar
Kodiak with anti-sway bar

    Does your vehicle handle like the Queen Mary? Does it pitch and roll with every gust of wind or passing semi, list to port or starboard on the curves, or waddle over speed bumps, railroad tracks and driveways? Well, it shouldn't. As a matter of fact, motorhomes, SUVs, pickup trucks and vans can be made to handle just like what they are — motor vehicles — with two aftermarket upgrades.
    Upgrading your shock absorbers will control up and down motion. But the best shocks in the world won't affect side to side sway by one iota.
    The solution to sway is in the suspension. Adding a set of ROADMASTER Suspension Solutions anti-sway bars to your suspension system will have the same effect on sway as a good set of shocks has on up and down motion — there's an immediate improvement in stability and tracking, especially on the curves.
    For many, this is an empowering experience. What was beyond their control, just yesterday, is suddenly within it — cornering with confidence, quicker maneuvering, and a remarkably level ride over uneven terrain — all without launching the dishes out of the cupboard. And even after eight or 10 hours at the wheel, they arrive fresh, instead of fatigued, which means they can start enjoying the Grand Canyon, the Grand Tetons, or the grandkids right away.
    How could one component have such a dramatic effect? Choose your vehicle type to find out: Trucks, Vans and SUVs  or Motorhomes.

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Read what ROADMASTER customers say about this product...
"I had the (anti-sway) bars installed and the results were dramatic. The notorious Texas high plain winds could not unhook us from the highway and hard curves at 60 mph became routine. I seemed to have glass walls between myself and passing trucks. I was nothing less than thrilled with the sway bars at road speeds."
—S. Thornton, Bellevue, WA

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