StowMaster tow bar by Roadmaster

Our exclusive Autowlok™ locking system, a patented storage latch and ROADMASTER's well-deserved reputation for reliability are all built-in features on the StowMaster.

For most RV towing combinations, we recommend our premium tow bar line,
which offers exclusive features to enhance your towing experience.

• One-person quick-connect and disconnect at the towed vehicle…

Thanks to an exclusive, self-supporting quick-disconnect system, one person can easily connect or disconnect the StowMaster in seconds. (These baseplates also make it extremely easy to attach accessories such as the Guardian™, Stowaway, and the Tow Defender).

And at the motorhome…
Telescoping, independently-adjustable inner arms are easy to maneuver into position. Simply couple to the ball and then drive your motorhome away and the arms automatically center and lock in place.

• The largest hook-up radius in the industry means you don’t waste time lining up your towed vehicle. You can’t say this about many things in life but connecting the StowMaster is just like horseshoes — “close” is good enough!

• Self-lubricating nylon bushings eliminate friction between the inner and outer arms for smooth, easy operation. Other tow bars have steel riding on steel.

• Autowlok locking mechanism
This mechanism is so reliable and safe that it's been used since 1984 on more than 250,000 Falcon and StowMaster™ tow bars.

• Solid stainless steel inner arms
Solid stainless steel inner arms for smooth, trouble-free operation and easy maintenance. Stainless steel looks better, lasts longer and prevents corrosion that binds — ROADMASTER tow bars are the most rust-free in the industry.

• Full-length safety strap — a built-in safety strap that will prevent the separation of the tow bar in the unlikely event the primary lock should not function. Peace of mind, built right in.

• Full-length steel crossbar — reinforced for maximum support and safety.

• A lustrous, high-tech powder coat finish for maximum durability. This finish exceeds all 500-hour salt spray, high-impact and extreme weather standards. In this process, charged particles of pigment are sprayed onto the surface of the tow bar, then baked at more than 400 degrees. The paint fuses to the metal. The result is a uniform, thick and extremely durable finish — three times stronger than solvent-based paint.

• Pintle ring — for easy connection to your pintle hitch.

finite elemental analysis
• Relentless testing
ROADMASTER was the first towing products manufacturer to use computerized testing — as well as “real world” physical testing — to ensure structural integrity, longevity, and the safety of your family. ROADMASTER’s computerized testing method is called “FEA,” which stands for “Finite Elemental Analysis.”

If that sounds complicated, that’s because it is — FEA is the same method NASA scientists use to test their new designs. The automotive, architectural and biomedical industries, among others, also use finite elemental analysis.

Every FEA design is displayed as a full-scale, three-dimensional object, which engineers can rotate and study on the screen as they apply thousands of pounds of force across the load-bearing components. Stress in the steel is pinpointed, and the design is manipulated to remove it. The result is an optimized design, in both materials and components, which has been tested and verified at maximum linear strain.

• Made in the U.S.A.
All of our core products are designed, engineered and manufactured at our plant in Vancouver, Washington, with virtually every process done under the same roof. When we say, "we made it," that's what we mean — we didn't just assemble it; we made it.

Read what ROADMASTER customers say about this product...
    “My husband and I purchased a StowMaster tow bar over a year ago. We have been towing for years and this is the best tow bar we have ever used. We sing the praises to all of our friends who tow and anyone else who glances at it.”
—D. Simmons, Poulsbo, WA

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