quick foot trailer jack extension

Quick Foot saves time.

If your tongue jack takes forever to raise and lower, you need Quick Foot. Just drop it and pin it to gain up to six inches of trailer tongue height in ten seconds or less! Quick Foot is…

• …always right where you need it — Quick Foot slides up the tongue jack for easy storage.

• …adjustable — extends two, four or six inches.

• …tough — Quick Foot is constructed entirely of steel, with corrosion-resistant zinc plating.

• …stable — a seven-inch diameter footplate provides maximum stability and resists "sinking in."

• …strong — with a 5,000-lb. tongue rating, the Quick Foot is able to be used on any production travel trailer.

• …a 'no-brainer' improvement over wooden blocks — wooden blocks are an accident waiting to happen, and the insects hiding in them can be an ecological disaster. Many states prohibit the transportation of wood (and the invasive species in them) across their borders for just that reason.


725014 Quick Foot tongue jack extension
Fits virtually all standard tongue jacks (both manual and electric) with two-inch diameter inner tubes.