When tracking is an issue…

Do you need better handling from your motorhome? Are “wandering,” “rut tracking” and “lazy steering” a problem? Tired and fatigued trying to keep in line going down the road?

Davis TruTrac bars, manufactured by Roadmaster Suspension Solutions (RSS), are designed to eliminate wander and reduce rut tracking by controlling excessive axle side play, without preventing normal up and down suspension travel.

The result is precise, predictable handling. The benefits are an immediate improvement in both vehicle performance and safety, as well as increased driver comfort bar— more positive control means less driver fatigue.

Each TruTrac bar comes complete with all mounting hardware, and installs using pre-drilled factory holes — no drilling or welding required. They will not interfere with any factory original equipment, or affect any factory warranty.

Davis TruTrac bars are available for Ford F53 (V8 and V10), and all Workhorse motorhome chassis (W16, W18, W20, W22 and W24), as well as Kodiak 45/5500 chassis. Like all RSS products, Davis TruTrac bars are powder-coated, use polyurethane bushings for maximum stability and longevity, and come with a one-year limited warranty to the original purchaser.

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Read what ROADMASTER customers say about this product...
  “My F53 chassis would vibrate so bad that it shook the whole motorhome. The only way to stop the vibration was to slow down to 20 mph — which almost got me rear-ended twice. Finally my wife told me, ‘I’m not riding in that motorhome any more.’
   A mechanic told me about Davis TruTrac bars. I had one installed and the vibrations stopped immediately. I drove that motorhome for another 150,000 miles (with my wife back on board) and it was solid as a rock.
   Buying that Davis TruTrac bar was the best move I ever made.”
— John Kielty, Reno, Nevada

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