Learn why your towed car needs brakes

Which system is right for me — InvisiBrake, BrakeMaster™, Even Brake®, or the 9700?

A "hidden" system?InvisiBrake is recommended if you like convenience above all else and plan on keeping your towed vehicle for the foreseeable future. InvisiBrake is not a portable system, but the major components can be easily removed and installed in a new towed vehicle. InvisiBrake is the only ROADMASTER system that works with or without 'active' brakes right out of the box. Initial installation time is approximately three to five hours.

A "direct" system?BrakeMaster is recommended if you don't frequently change motorhomes or towed vehicles. Because it connects directly to the motorhome's braking system, the initial installation is longer than a portable system. But once installed, it's a truly trouble-free and easy-to-use braking system.

Or a portable?Even Brake or the 9700 are recommended if you change motorhomes often, or want to switch between towed vehicles. Even Brake is a sophisticated system with proportional braking (automatically increasing or decreasing braking pressure in direct proportion to the motorhome); the 9700 is a basic system which applies a pre-set braking pressure. Both Even Brake and the 9700 are portable systems, with no installed components in the motorhome except for a dashboard monitor. Initial installation time is approximately one hour, depending on the vehicle.

All systems
• …will bring your towed vehicle into compliance with U.S. and Canadian requirements.
• …include an emergency break away system, to stop your towed vehicle should it ever separate from the motorhome.
• …work in virtually any vehicle with power brakes.
• …work in virtually any motorhome.
• …greatly decrease your stopping distance, helping you avoid the danger and hassle of accidents.