TruTrac Bars

TruTrac Kits are vehicle-specific. Visit Fitmaster to verify which kit is needed for your vehicle.

Does your motorhome have leaf spring suspension?

Does it vibrate from side to side?

Are ‘wandering,’ ‘rut tracking’ and ‘lazy steering’ a problem?

Tired and fatigued trying to keep in line going down the road?
Each TruTrac bar comes complete with all mounting hardware, and installs using pre-drilled factory holes — no drilling or welding required. They will not interfere with original equipment or affect any factory warranty.

TruTrac bars link the chassis to the front axle, eliminating excessive axle side play, without affecting normal up-and-down suspension travel. The result is precise, predictable handling. The benefits are an immediate improvement in both vehicle performance and safety, as well as increased driver comfort — more positive control means less driver fatigue.

TruTrac bars are available for some of the most popular chassis on the market today. They use polyurethane bushings for maximum stability and longevity.

To determine if Roadmaster builds a TruTrac kit for your chassis, visit the Fitmaster guide.