Steering Solutions

Steering Stabilizer kits are vehicle-specific. Visit Fitmaster to verify which kit is needed for your vehicle.

Roadmaster offers two steering solutions for common road hazards such as potholes, ruts, wind buffeting and crosswinds. These two systems — Reflex and Exact Center — each address these issues but also have their own specific benefits. 

Reflex is our tried-and-true reactive steering solution that uses a specialty shock and coil spring to return the vehicle to center after encountering a road hazard. This system greatly reduces driver stress caused by wander and its resulting white-knuckle driving. This system takes less time to install than the Exact Center, as fewer adjustments are required.

Exact Center is a newer technology that provides a proactive solution to steering issues. It uses independently-operating nitrogen-filled cylinders to force the vehicle to stay at true center. This system can be used on most motorhomes, vans and Jeeps, which are also popular towed vehicles. When this system is installed on both vehicles, it allows for limited backing of your RV with the attached towed vehicle. It can also prevent the "Death Wobble" harmonic oscillation issue found exclusively in Jeeps. No other system on the market offers these features. Initial installation is easy but it may require a few adjustments in order to achieve an exact, true center on the vehicle.

Note: Both systems require the stabilizer itself and a mounting bracket kit. Visit Fitmaster to see if we have a fit for your vehicle.

Not sure what component you need? Here's a comparison chart of suspension and steering options.