Towable Car Lists

The practice of towing a vehicle four wheels-down behind a motorhome is still the most convenient way for owners to get around once they've reached their destination. Rather than breaking camp every time you need to leave the RV park or campsite, simply jump in your car and drive off, just like you would at your home.

In the early years, only a handful of manufacturers recognized the practice, and most could only verify a few models as being towable. With each passing year, however, more manufacturers are recognizing the benefits of dinghy towing, and are becoming more active in approving their vehicles. As a result, there are more choices now than ever, and also a lot more variety — from fuel sipping compact cars and hybrids to full-size pickups and SUVs.

Keep in mind that we've made every effort to check, and double check with each manufacturer to make sure that the listings are correct and current. However, much of the information we receive is preliminary when the guide is compiled, and can change by the time this issue goes to press. Therefore, we cannot stress enough that you check with the dealer to be certain that the vehicle you are considering is dinghy towable. Ask to see a copy of the owner's manual; somewhere in the index, there should be a notation for "recreational," "four-down," or "flat" towing. If the owner's manual states that the vehicle is not towable, consider something else, or be prepared to modify the vehicle and probably void any stated warranties.