Exact Center

Exact Center is a newer technology that provides a proactive solution to steering issues. It uses independently-operating nitrogen-filled cylinders to force the vehicle to stay at true center. This system can be used on most motorhomes, vans and Jeeps, which are also popular towed vehicles. When this system is installed on both vehicles, it allows for limited backing of your RV with the attached towed vehicle. It can also prevent the "Death Wobble" harmonic oscillation issue found exclusively in Jeeps. No other system on the market offers these features. Initial installation is easy but it may require a few adjustments in order to achieve an exact, true center on the vehicle.

Exact Center PROACTIVELY keeps your steering centered. Other brands REACTIVELY return to center, but the vehicle has already wandered.

Exact Center and its mounting bracket (sold separately) are vehicle-specific. Visit Fitmaster to verify the steering stabilizer and installation mounting bracket required for your vehicle.

What is it? Exact Center is a steering stabilizer but it’s different from anything else on the market today.

Why is it unique? It’s proactive. Exact Center aggressively holds your steering at a true center and resists external forces that push it away from center. Other systems do little to hold the steering at center. Instead, they reactively try to bring the steering back to center but only after it has wandered. Exact Center’s substantial force results in a tight, responsive feel without the wander.

Why is this important? Other stabilizers have a soft center, giving a spongy feel that allows the vehicle to wander, ramping up force so it will return to center. This results in more play, more wander and more white-knuckling. Exact Center provides significant force to hold center, resulting in a sports-car-like feel that significantly reduces driver fatigue.

Will this help with "Death Wobble"? Yes. Some vehicles, under just the right circumstances, will develop a harmonic oscillation, resulting in the front tires violently racking from side to side. This is known as "Death Wobble" and although rare, it is well known within the Jeep community. Exact Center stops the forces that cause it, greatly reducing the chance of it ever happening.

What vehicles will benefit from Exact Center? Most motorhomes, trucks, and Jeeps, as well as flat towed vehicles behind motorhomes. To check your application, visit Fitmaster.

Why would I want a steering stabilizer on my towed vehicle? Just like a shopping cart, your front tires want to spin around while backing up. As a result, you can easily damage your towed vehicle or the towing system due to jackknifing. Exact Center resists those forces, thereby allowing some towed vehicles to be backed up.

Let's talk about backing up with Exact Center. Under normal circumstances, you should never back up an RV with a towed vehicle attached. But not being able to back up is extremely frustrating ... especially when you are at a gas station and you stopped just past the hose's reach. Exact Center can relieve this frustration for many vehicles, but not all. You should carefully test this feature in a safe area. For many RV'ers the ability to back up short distances is a game changer.

Exact Center provides...

• A dramatic improvement in handling and control.
• Improved steering safety & comfort. Reduces driver fatigue.
• Limited backing of some towed vehicles.
• Control against rut-tracking, lane wander and fuzzy center.
• A true ‘Exact Center’ for a sports-car-like feel.
• Corrosion resistance due to stainless steel construction.

Because Exact Center is on the job 24/7, it greatly reduces stressful, white-knuckle driving while putting the recreation back in RVing.

Note: Each Exact Center requires a vehicle-specific mounting bracket kit. Visit Fitmaster to see if we have a fit for your vehicle.

Read what our customers say about this product...

"[The Exact Center] steering stabilizer is an instant game changer for quality steering! I have a 2020 JLU Sport on a Rock Krawler xfactor 2.5 lift with fox shocks. The steering is now tight and very responsive compared to the flighty floaty feel of the factory setup. 2 buddies of mine drove it and they both noticed how much more control and responsiveness it had compared to their stock steering.” 

— username DShanesky on https://bit.ly/3zzPwj