Item #PAR-146


Product Description

Hybrid and Flexo-Coil power cord kits c
onnect electricity between the towed vehicle and the motorhome.

For many years, motorhomes have come standard with a 7-way socket. The power cords with pre-wired 7-ways will plug directly into a 7-way socket. Older motorhomes may use a 6-way socket. Use the power cords with pre-wired 6-way plugs for these applications.

Roadmaster offers a hybrid power cord and Flexo-Coil power cords. The hybrid power cord has a straight portion which is designed to be routed through Roadmaster tow bars with wiring channels. This prevents dragging and provides a clean, professional appearance. The coiled portion of the hybrid cord is just like our full Flexo-Coil cords. The coils will extend and contract as you go around corners. Also, if you add a drop hitch or extension, the coils will stretch to accommodate it. 

Roadmaster's high quality power cords are water, oil and chemical resistant. The electrical plugs are injected with silicone sealant to prevent wires from fraying or shorting, and to seal out moisture that can cause corrosion.

• Hybrid and Flexo-coil cords expand to just over 8' and conveniently retract for storage
• Power cords utilize four 16 gauge wires and two 14 gauge wires
• 7 way plugs are pre-wired to industry standard wiring code
• Easy to install — includes wiring instructions

The 1676-7 is a coiled to straight hybrid 7-wire to 6-wire power cord.

The 146-7 is a 7- to 6-wire Flexo-Coil cord with plugs, sockets and socket bracket.

The 1466 is a 6-wire Flexo-Coil cord with plugs, sockets and socket bracket.

The 146 is a 6-wire Flexo-Coil cord with plugs and sockets.

Note: On hybrid power cords, the electrical plug is prewired on one end only. The 2nd plug is installed after the power cord is routed through the tow bar channel.


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