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Product Description


Reflex and its mounting bracket (sold separately) are vehicle-specific. Visit Fitmaster to verify the steering stabilizer and installation mounting bracket required for your vehicle. 

Reflex provides front tire blowout protection while greatly reducing driver fatigue. Poor handling characteristics are the unfortunate norm in the RV industry. Reflex greatly improves the drive by compensating for oversteer caused by potholes, ruts, and other unfavorable road conditions, as well as crosswinds and passing 18-wheelers.

Because Reflex is on the job 24/7, it greatly reduces stressful, white-knuckle driving while putting the recreation back into RVing.

Reflex helps you handle...

FRONT TIRE BLOW OUT — when you blow out a front tire, your vehicle will make an abrupt turn, causing you to veer into oncoming traffic or off the road. Reflex reacts instantaneously to help maintain control and bring the vehicle back to center. Regarding tires, if you like to be prepared, learn more about Roadmaster's Spare Tire Carrier.

CROSSWINDS AND PASSING TRAFFIC — Reflex works to keep your steering centered and prevents oversteering to help control your vehicle more effectively.

ROAD FATIGUE — Reflex stops the constant wandering, hunting and seeking that cause stress and exhaustion. Does it feel like your RV is constantly fighting you and constantly trying to change lanes? Reflex is the fix.

RUT TRACKING — ruts cause you to oversteer. With Reflex, your reactions become easier, eliminating oversteer.

RUT EDGING — when your tire drops off the edge of the pavement, it can startle even the most careful driver. Reflex keeps you going straight — helping you control the vehicle until you’re safely back on the road.

POTHOLES AND DEBRIS — with Reflex in place, the motorhome stays straight and goes where you want, even through potholes or road hazards.

EASY INSTALLATIONReflex Steering Stabilizer is typically installed in an hour or less with simple hand tools. No drilling or welding required.

Read what our customers say about this product...

“I had a Reflex steering stabilizer installed, and the difference was night and day — my Class C motorhome handles like a sports car. The stabilizer keeps the steering centered, no matter what the road throws at me. Ruts, bumps and hairpin curves are no problem. My steering wheel doesn’t belong to potholes anymore — it belongs to me.”

—J. Miller, Portland, OR

Note: Each Reflex Steering Stabilizer requires a vehicle-specific mounting bracket kit, denoted with an RBK number. It also requires the stabilizer unit that attaches to the mounting kit, denoted with an RSSX number (i.e. RSSA). Visit Fitmaster to see if we have a fit for your vehicle.

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