Item #524442-5

BASEPLATE 524442-5

Product Description

Baseplates are vehicle-specific. Visit Fitmaster to verify which kit is needed for your vehicle.

Designed and Crafted to Exacting Standards

• A better design — our baseplates are integrated into the frame and undercarriage of the vehicle, connecting to existing holes and fasteners wherever possible, for a quick, easy installation by your local professional
• Easier installation — our baseplates are 30 percent quicker to install, on average, than other brands — there are fewer components to unbolt or remove and fewer holes to drill
• Computer-tested — every baseplate design is subjected to computer-simulated “Finite Element Analysis” to ensure structural integrity and maximum strength
• Custom fit — every baseplate is custom-made to fit a specific vehicle year, make and model
• We have the baseplate for your car — we have more than 1,000 different baseplates available (far more than any other company) — which fit nearly every towable vehicle made during the last 25 years
• Baked-on finish — every baseplate is powder-coated. In this process, charged particles of pigment are baked into the surface of the baseplate. They fuse to the metal to form a and extremely durable finish


Roadmaster’s computerized testing method is called “FEA,” which stands for “Finite Element Analysis.” Every FEA design is displayed as a full-scale, three-dimensional object, which engineers can rotate and study on the screen as they apply extreme forces across the load-bearing components. Stress in the steel is pinpointed and the design is manipulated to remove it.

The result is an optimized design, in both materials and components, which has been tested and verified at maximum linear strain — the strongest, safest and easiest-to-use baseplates in the industry.

Roadmaster was the first towing products manufacturer to use computerized stress testing — as well as “real world” physical testing — on our tow bars and baseplates to ensure structural integrity, longevity and the safety of your family.

Hidden Baseplates

All late model baseplates have been manufactured with front arms that are easily removed when the vehicle isn’t being towed.

Designed and Crafted in the USA

Each of our baseplates is created from raw steel at our manufacturing facility in Vancouver, Washington. Why does this matter? Roadmaster takes great pride in designing, testing and manufacturing our products in America. Other manufacturers build overseas, some ‘Assemble in America.’ But few take their products from raw steel and craft them into finished products like we do.

Quality craftsmanship ensures a beautiful, longlasting, safe and easy-to-use product.


Types of Baseplates

There are two different types of baseplates available to fit most flat towable vehicles. 


This style allows you to connect your tow bar directly to the baseplate, eliminating the need for a crossbar. This is our easiest system to connect and disconnect. If you are using a motorhome-mounted tow bar, this is the baseplate you should choose. For a Stowmaster, Tracker, Guardian Rock Shield, or Tow Defender part number 4700, use the Crossbar-Style.


This style accommodates Roadmaster tow bars and accessories by utilizing the crossbar and/or quick-disconnect system as a mounting platform. If you are using a car-mounted tow bar, you need this style of baseplate.

Visit FitMaster to find baseplates for your vehicle.


Quality Is Our Difference
Made in the USA

Premium products, handcrafted by American workers. Roadmaster is a true American manufacturer that builds its products to last.

Built to Last

Easiest to use and built to last, with the most stringent testing standards in the industry. Roadmaster is time tested & time proven for more than 50 years.

Industry Leading

Roadmaster is family-owned and operated for the last 50 years. We have a diverse workforce of skilled craftspeople who focus on excellence and the creation of a premium product.

Customer Care

Roadmaster truly listens to our customers — both before and after the sale —by offering the best service and technical support in the industry.