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Product Description

U-bolt kits

Replace your rusty U-bolts.

Many Roadmaster anti-sway bars connect to the chassis by way of the axle U-bolts. Often the U-bolts are old and rusty and need to be replaced. Regardless, it is always good practice to replace axle U-bolts whenever removed. This is because the threads stretch when tightened and will not have the same strength when re-used.

Sometimes the OEM U-bolts aren't long enough to accommodate the sway bar's mounting bracket. In this case, Roadmaster offers a longer U-bolt kit to replace the shorter OEM U-bolts.  Visit Fitmaster to determine the correct U-bolt kit for your specific chassis.

This U-bolt kit contains enough U-bolts and hardware for one axle assembly.


    • Made from Chromoly 4140 steel
    • Kit contains 4 round bend U-bolts, 8 tall nuts, 8 flat washers
    • 7/8" - 14 thread pitch
    • Made in the USA


    • Dimension A = 7/8"
    • Dimension B = 4.06"
    • Dimension C = 20.25"

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