Towing 'Safe Zone'

Three inches above or below level is the ‘Safe Zone’ for motorhome-mounted tow bars. Car-mounted tow bars must be approximately level.

It’s easy to bring an out-of-level tow bar into the Safe Zone — use one of ROADMASTER’s hitch accessories to raise or lower the motorhome hitch receiver.

Is your towing system within the Safe Zone? Here’s how to find out:
First, connect the motorhome and towed vehicle on level ground. Then, take two measurements:

1) The distance from the center of the motorhome receiver down to the ground; and
2) The distance from the center of one of the tow bar base pins down to the ground.

Compare these two measurements. If they’re the same, the tow bar is level. If they’re not, the difference is the distance needed to bring the tow bar to level.