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InvisiBrake Installation
This video shows the basics of installing an InvisiBrake supplemental braking system.

InvisiBrake Troubleshooting
This video shows the basic troubleshooting tips.

Factory tours and manufacturing processes

A True American Manufacturer ~ Full Roadmaster Factory Tour
In this video, our Vice President walks you through our plant and gives you insight into our manufacturing processes.

CNC Processes
Watch a 3D Milling and Contouring Machine at work on our tow bar components.

EDM machine
EDM is the manufacturing tool that makes the tools.

Manufacturing Capabilities
Roadmaster has a state-of-the-art facility with some of the newest and best equipment in manufacturing.

Nighthawk by Roadmaster
Outside is Calling provides an inside look at our manufacturing processes used on the Nighthawk.

Towbar Unbound! "How It's Made" — RV Edition
In this video, our friends Peter and John show you how we make our premium towbar, the Sterling All Terrain, as well as a follow-up video after a few months of towing with this bar.

Suspension and Steering 

Installing a Comfort Ride System
Learn about the benefits of a Comfort Ride Shock and Slipper Spring System.

Introducing the Exact Center Steering Stabilizer
Learn more about our newest steering product.

RSSA and Reflex kit installation
Watch our friend Zach at Southern Ginger Workshop show you how to install a Reflex Steering Stabilizer on a Fleetwood Bounder.

RSS Products: Before and After Installation
A video showing the difference that adding RSS products such as an anti-sway bar, TruTrac and Reflex can have on the drivability of your motorhome or truck camper.

Tow Bars

Hooking up a Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar without a crossbar
Did you know you can use a Falcon All Terrain without a crossbar? Here's how.

Hooking up a Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar with a crossbar
Using a Guardian, Tow Defender or other accessory? Hook a Falcon All Terrain up using a crossbar. Here's how.

Introducing the Roadmaster Nighthawk
The RV Geeks review our Nighthawk tow bar.

Product Video: BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain
Find out more about our beefiest tow bar.

Product Video: Falcon 2
Find out more about our top-selling economy tow bar.

Product Video: Falcon All-Terrain
Find out more about our top-selling premium tow bar.

Product Video: Nighthawk
Find out more about the world's first illuminated tow bar.

Product Video: StowMaster tow bar by Roadmaster
Find out more about our legacy tow bar.

TV segments

Rollin' on TV has provided weekly RV and camping lifestyle programming since 2010.

How to Clean a Towbar
Video courtesy of Rollin' On TV with some helpful tips for cleaning and preserving the high quality of your towbar.

Roadmaster Promo
Video courtesy of Rollin' On TV, featuring Director of Marketing David Robinson and highlighting the craftsmanship that goes into all Roadmaster products.

Spare Tire Carrier
A video showing the benefits of adding one of our Spare Tire Carriers to your towing setup.


The RVers TV show has aired for more than five years on Discovery and PBS. We've been featured on three different seasons. 

Season 2 Episode 4: Towing 101

Season 3 Episode 2: All About Towbars

Season 4 Episode 3: Suspension Upgrades