Item #156-75


Product Description

Tired of arriving at camp, only to find that your towed vehicle's battery has been depleted? 

This kit contains the necessary wiring components to install a charge line in a motorhome, bus or any vehicle that needs to provide a charging circuit to the vehicle it is towing. Many late model RVs already have a charge line circuit from the factory. If yours does not, use this kit to create one.

This simple, easy-to-install charge line kit helps maintain the towed vehicle's battery charge by supplying up to 15 amps of current. It also extends battery life by providing a constant maintenance charge (without overcharging) during towing. The included thermal breaker installs at the battery for safety. If the thermal breaker blows, it will automatically reset itself. Not only does this protect the RV, it also makes finding the blown fuse unnecessary. Split loom is included to protect the wires while adding a professional look and finish.

• Charge line can trickle charge a towed vehicle's battery while in tow
• Works in virtually any motorhome, bus, truck etc.
• Includes a thermal circuit breaker — no need to hunt down a blown fuse
• Includes split loom, 12 gauge wire, wiring hardware, thermal breaker and instructions

The 156-75 is a charge line kit for the RV (the vehicle pulling). It cannot function unless the towed vehicle (the vehicle being pulled) also has a charge line kit. If your towed vehicle does not have one already, use Roadmaster's Towed Car Charge line Kit part number 156-25.

Need a charge line kit for your towed vehicle as well?

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