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Product Description

Polyurethane Bushing Kit for 1-3/4" Rear Anti-Sway Bars

Utilize this kit to replace the rubber OEM bushings, or aftermarket bushings, on 1-3/4" diameter sway bars. Please note that this product fits specific applications. Visit Fitmaster to verify which kit is needed for your vehicle.

The stock rubber sway bar bushings on your vehicle have a very short life span. Within 3 to 5 years, most OEM sway bar bushings are worn out. Frequently you can see daylight shining through the gaps between the sway bar and bushing. Worn bushings allow the sway bar too much movement and prevent the sway bar from doing its job. New bushings will significantly reduce the vehicle's roll and sway. Attach these durable polyurethane bushings to your sway bar and experience a safer, more controlled ride.Features:

  • Durable polyurethane bushings that last 300% longer than the rubber bushings used on most OEM sway bars
  • Steel components are made in the USA and are powder-coated or zinc-plated
  • Works with your factory rear 1-3/4" sway bar to improve the overall stability of your vehicle
  • Simple installation with common hand tools

Kit includes 4 polyurethane bushings, 4 bushing clamps, mounting hardware and instructions. 

Polyurethane Bushings are superior to black rubber bushings

An anti-sway bar must allow just enough pivot and rotation to compensate for the forces applied to your vehicle during sudden maneuvers, crosswinds or any road conditions that cause severe weight shifts from side to side. As a result, bushings must be extremely durable AND flexible. Polyurethane is the ideal material. It lasts significantly longer than rubber while providing the perfect blend of resistance and flexibility. Polyurethane bushings allow the anti-sway bar to pivot and rotate without being so rigid or so soft that it becomes ineffective. As an added bonus, polyurethane will last at least three times longer than rubber.

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