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Product Description

Quiet Hitch stops sway and wander before it begins.

Quiet Hitch eliminates any free play between the receiver and the tow bar (or bike rack, ball mount or whatever you insert) for a solid, seamless connection. Consistent pressure keeps your towing combination tracking straight through crosswinds, curves and sudden maneuvers — all with considerably less effort on your part.

Quiet Hitch reduces tire wear, as well as wear and tear on the hitch and the receiver by eliminating free play. It's especially effective on towing combinations with multiple hitch extensions; also, as its name implies, Quiet Hitch reduces noise and rattle caused by bike racks or hitch accessories.

All three Quiet Hitches bolt on in seconds.

The 061 for 2" receivers — The original Quiet Hitch, the 061, fits the standard 2" hitch receivers found on most motorhomes, light trucks, vans and mid-size SUVs.

The 062 for 2.5" receivers — The 062 fits the larger hitch receivers which now come with many GMC, Chevrolet and Ford trucks, as well as other full-size, long wheel base trucks, vans and SUVs.

The 061-125 for 1.25" receivers — The newest addition to the Quiet Hitch family, the 061-125 will keep a bicycle rack, ski rack, surfboard rack, motorcycle rack, cargo rack, tailgate table or any other hitch accessory from rattling, vibrating and generally driving you to distraction.

Note: The receiver must have a ring or collar around it for Quiet Hitch to attach.

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