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SWAY BAR KIT 1129-143

Product Description

Sway Bar Kits are vehicle-specific. Visit Fitmaster to verify which kit is needed for your vehicle.

Driving your RV should be an enjoyable experience. And it can be. Adding a set of Roadmaster anti-sway bars to your suspension has an immediate effect on stability and cornering control.

Does your motorhome (or SUV, pickup truck or Sprinter van) handle like the Queen Mary? Does it pitch and roll with every gust of wind or passing semi, or list to port or starboard on the curves, or waddle over speed bumps, railroad tracks and driveways?

Well, it shouldn’t. As a matter of fact, motorhomes can be made to handle just like what they are — motor vehicles.


Adding a set of custom anti-sway bars to your suspension system results in an immediate improvement in handling stability and tracking, especially on the curves.

For many, this is an empowering experience. What was beyond your control just yesterday, is suddenly within it — cornering with confidence, quicker maneuvering and a remarkably level ride over uneven terrain — all without launching the dishes out of the cupboard.

Even after eight or 10 hours at the wheel you arrive fresh, instead of fatigued, which means you can start enjoying the Grand Canyon, the Grand Tetons or the grandkids right away. 

Bigger is better — RSS anti-sway bars have a thicker diameter than stock bars (often, a quarter to three-eighths of an inch more). Each incremental increase in diameter has an exponential effect on performance — on average, torsional roll stiffness is increased by 30 percent with every 1/8" increase in diameter. In plain English — RSS anti-sway bars offer up to 90 percent more resistance to sway.

A high-grade alloy — RSS anti-sway bars are made of 4140 “chromoly” steel (a chrome and molybdenum alloy) which is considerably stronger and more durable than the standard spring steel (a 1020 grade) used in many stock anti-sway bars.

A better pivot point— RSS anti-sway bars have polyurethane bushings, which, unlike the rubber used in stock bushings, is impervious to gas, oil and ozone corrosion, is more resistant to abrasion, and doesn’t buckle under heavier load weights.

Baked-on finish — Every anti-sway bar is powder-coated. In this process, charged particles of pigment are baked into the surface of the sway bar. They fuse to the metal to form an extremely durable finish.

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