Baseplate Testimonials

Note: Our baseplates are designed for the easiest installation possible; however, mechanical skills are required. Many ‘shade tree mechanics’ (such as those below) can install their own brackets in a few hours. Complexity of installation varies by vehicle; accordingly, we recommend that you consider professional installation. For a selection of professional installers in your area, click on the ‘Locators’ tab on this web site.

A perfect fit
“I sure like my Falcon 2 tow bar, and especially the baseplate on my Honda CRV. It fits perfectly and looks great.”
—S. Vaughn, Kilgore, TX

'Superior quality' and detailed instructions
“Congratulations on the superior quality and workmanship in the manufacturing of tow bar bracket kit #1012-1 XL, which I have recently purchased and installed. Chilton & Haynes would surely be interested in ROADMASTER’s installation instruction writer. Every single detail and part was clearly discussed, including safety factors. Thanks!”
—R. Haskins, Pahrump, NV

'Commendable' engineering
“I have just finished installing a set of your mounting brackets (1427-3) on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. The brackets arrived neatly packed and in excellent condition. I read through the instructions once and then started disassembling the front of my Jeep on the garage floor. I found your directions to be clearly written, concise and very easy to follow. All of the predrilled holes in the brackets lined up exactly with the existing holes in the Jeep frame for a perfect fit. Your engineering is commendable. I just wanted to send a note to say how thoroughly impressed I am with your entire operation. Thanks for making my life just a little easier!”
— H. Inman, Millbrook, AL

Step by step
“I was very impressed with the design and craftsmanship of my tow bar brackets (#523145-5). Also the installation instructions were very well laid out and easy to read — they led you through the installation process, step by step, correctly and easily.”
—G. Foss, Rio Linda, CA