Braking Testimonials

An 'outstanding supplemental braking system'
“An outstanding supplemental braking system. My background is: Fleetwood owner/driver; long haul trucking; 11 Western states and British Columbia. This system is as close to the brake system on long haul trucks as one could find. A major plus is no worry about tow car jackknifing on wet surfaces. Wish I would have purchased it years ago.”
—J. Frost, Carrizozo, NM

InvisiBrake looks and performs 'great'
“[My] bus and car work together beautifully and the InvisiBrake and All-Terrain tow system look and perform great and are easy to hook up and break down when it's time to stow the system. Grahams wiring work in the back of the bus was just what I was hoping for. Colins bracket install on our Honda was perfect. Thank you, Mike, for inventing the great supplemental braking product; its sure to be a big winner for Roadmaster and customers.”
—D. Renner, Goldendale, WA

Close call
“About a week after installing a BrakeMaster on my Saturn Vue I had a need to stop very quickly — a panic stop. I stopped 10 feet from the car ahead. Without the BrakeMaster, I wouldn't have made it."
—C. Wheeler, Vancouver, WA

'Superior quality' and detailed instructions
“Before we had you install the brake system on our motorhome, I did a lot of research to see what was the best system. Everyone I spoke to said there wasn’t a system that ‘really worked.’ I was not interested in a system that tied into my towed vehicle brake lines as it disrupts the ABS system. I can report that the BrakeMaster worked perfectly and was very easy to connect and disconnect. It takes at most two minutes to set up before departure. Further, the system is not visibly offensive. I strongly endorse this system.”
—A. Roberts, Calgary, ALB