Customer Service Testimonials

'You deserve a 100!'
"Really? I can only give you a 5? You deserve a 100! Thank you, Dave, for the awesome factory tour today. It is truly an amazing place. No wonder I am so in love with my Sterling (not to mention that it's unbelievably easy for a gal of 67 to hook up and unhook by herself!). Your employees are obviously happy and dedicated to their jobs. That alone speaks volumes as to the quality of your products. And truly "Made in America" start to finish products. Other manufacturing plants could learn from you. And Jerry, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for talking me into buying our Sterling when we were at the Samboree in Phoenix. The best RV move I've ever made. But then, you knew what I needed! Bottom line, I love how easy the Sterling is to hook up and unhook. Wonderful and amazing. The factory tour with Dave, the frosting on the cake! Yup! I believe I'm your best salesperson...I tell everyone about my great tow bar!"
—J. Fawson, Prescott, AZ

'Five out of five stars'
"At the time of installation/purchase, I worked with Glenda, Roadmaster's bracket coordinator, I consider Glenda to be the most professional and competent 'face of a franchise' I have ever worked with. When I received the call to come and test drive (my vehicle), I was excited at how professional the installation technicians were, both with their trade and their manner with the customer. Everything worked beautifully and actually exceeded my expectations upon quick braking. All facets of Roadmaster's concept of support and technical assistance, as well as their sales performance, all rate as five out of five stars with me... thank you Roadmaster for your great product line!"
—D. Renner, Goldendale, WA

'It's the best'
“Just a note to let you know that I received the new Even Brake you shipped to me on warranty. I want to compliment you on the prompt service — it arrived in such a short time it's hard to believe. I also have your Sterling tow bar and, just to let you know, it's the best! It works flawlessly every time. I'm bragging about your products and service every time I'm given a chance.”
—J. Roberts, Desert Hills, AZ

'We got a surprise'
“We were at The Rally in Atlanta this month and while visiting the vendors, we got a surprise. One of your service agents found, inspected, cleaned and lubed our tow bar. This was a great surprise and we'd like to thank your service people for the great work.”
—F. Gravel, Southington, CT

'First class treatment'
“We received first class treatment from all of your service techs.(They) upgraded (our) tow bar and made repairs to our electrical hookup. We will tell everyone that we meet what great products you have.”
—J. Roberts, Desert Hills, AZ

Time is on your side
"I would like to share an experience I recently had with Roadmaster. I have a Falcon tow bar that I'm sure is 10 to 15 years old. When one of the locking caps broke as a result of sun exposure and wear and tear, I e-mailed Roadmaster and asked them to send me a replacement and bill me for the parts. They responded by sending me a repair kit with very detailed instructions on doing the fix — at no charge. I would recommend Roadmaster to anyone thinking about buying a tow bar. How many companies stand behind their products that long after the sale?"
—M. Ferner, Urbandale, IA (published in Highways, July 2007)

Taking on the Al-Can
"My Roadmaster Sterling tow bar and I survived 3,500-plus miles of Canadian and Alaskan rough roads. On this trip, there were several other brand-name tow bars that failed, causing three tow cars to depart for parts unknown (two were totaled). Several Roadmaster tow bars were in our group of 20-plus RVers. Roadmaster products are superior to any others on the market, and the service after the sale is beyond expectation — complete inspections and repairs are normal at rallies such as FMCA. This is RV equipment once purchased, will continue to provide years of excellent safe, dependable service."
—B. Richards, Brownsville, TX

The Roadmaster treatment
"Everyone I have talked with on the phone was courteous and friendly. It has been such a pleasure doing business with a company like Roadmaster. Not only do you get a very good product, you get treated like a person. I think you have a very professional acting staff working for you. I would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone."
— J. Blondina, Toms River, NJ

"I have all your products and tout them all, as well as your 'over-the-top' customer service, to everyone. You have great people working for you."
— B. Moore, Edmonds, WA

Philosophy of service
"I compliment you upon your excellent service department and your philosophy of standing behind what you sell. It's really refreshing to find a business so concerned with customer service."
— M. Groves, Salem, OR