Steering and Suspension Testimonials

Motorhome now handles "beautifully"
"I drove my motorhome 4,000 miles before deciding to invest in a Roadmaster anti-sway bar. I just returned from a seven-week, 6,000-mile trip and I'm really pleased I had the anti-sway bar installed before my long trip. The motorhome handles like a completely different coach! I went through strong crosswinds and rough road conditions on my trip, but the motorhome handled beautifully. I'd recommend the Roadmaster anti-sway bar to anyone who drives a motorhome."
—M. Grueninger, Milwaukie, OR

“A great-driving coach...”
"Installing the RSS anti-sway bars (front and rear) turned a good-driving coach into a great-driving coach, with less driver fatigue. It also raised the comfort speed in corners by 10 mph."
—B. Wolfe, League City, TX

Made in the U.S.A.
"I'm very pleased with your product. It provides better 'roadability' for my truck — unloaded, loaded and towing. It fits like a glove and looks great. Best of all, my kit was made in the U.S.A.! I will recommend your products to everyone I know. Thanks."
— T. May, Olympia, WA

Gives up on the factory
"My motorhome handled very poorly at low speeds, and also over 55 mph, even after repeated adjustments by the factory. It rolled excessively and wandered from side to side. The handling changed dramatically with the installation of a Roadmaster anti-sway bar. I would recommend a Roadmaster anti-sway bar be added to any RV without one."
—L. Townsend, Perris, CA

"Anemic" stock bar replaced
"We replaced the anemic factory-equipped rear anti-sway bar on our Class C motorhome with a Roadmaster bar. I estimate that the leaning around "S" curves was diminished by at least 90 percent, and my wife noticed the marked improvement in the ride from the passenger side. The Roadmaster anti-sway bar was worth every penny, and more."
—P. Powers, Albany, OR

“No more white knuckle driving...”
"I had the Roadmaster anti-sway bar installed on my 2007 Winnebago Vista 30B and it works great. No more white knuckle driving in wind gusts or when 18 wheelers pass. I am definitely now a fan of Roadmaster products."
—T. Ford, Metairie, LA

Driving is an enjoyment once again
"Roadmaster installed a sway bar on our Challenger motorhome. I was dreading my drive home, as the wind had picked up and was gusting. I took the first turn onto the freeway, the wind hit, my fingers tightened for the usual bounce back and forth and fight to keep the motorhome straight. The motorhome leaned hard but came back level with very little roll. I relaxed, finished the drive home. Thanks to Roadmaster, I enjoy driving the motorhome again — no more 'white knuckle' driving for me."
—N. Wright, Portland, OR

“...what a difference!”
"I installed one of your RSS sway bars on my 2004 Chevy/Duramax SS pickup and what a difference! Before it was a handful in sweeping turns at highway speeds, but now I cruise through them all with no trouble!"
—M. Bronzini, Centralia, WA

Motorhome handles like a car
"The installation of the (RSS anti-sway bar) vastly improved steering. Sway on turns very much reduced. Sway due to passing trucks reduced also. My motorhome handles like our car. Very smooth."
—A. Dunham, Rochester, WA

From worst to best
"It changed our Superchief from the most miserable to the best handling and riding rig on the road. We can now go out looking for crooked roads to enjoy."
—R. Hanson, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Bounder no longer 'bounds'
"We just returned from a 200-mile trip on winding roads and freeways from Paradise to Reno. It was as good a test of the (RSS anti-sway bars) as one could get. The ride is much smoother. The Bounder no longer 'bounds' but takes rough roads smoothly, corners flat and seems to hold the road better in fairly strong crosswinds. I am amazed and impressed by the overall improvement in the handling of our 31-foot Bounder, and would recommend that anyone driving a motorhome with the P30 chassis have the (RSS anti-sway bars) installed."
—N. Abraham, Paradise, CA

"Fits like a glove"
"I installed the front sway bar in about 30 minutes with no surprises. It fits like a glove. The front sway bar made my motorhome corner flat as a pancake. You wouldn't know it was a basement model."
—K. Strasser, Oxnard, CA