Towing Testimonials

Strength, in spades
“I was parked in a truck stop with my car attached to my RV by your Sterling tow bar. A semi-trailer backed up and pushed my car onto the back bumper of my RV. When I walked back to my car, the front wheels were three feet off the ground and the tow bar was holding it up! The police officer who took my statement couldn't believe the strength of your system."

—J. Miller, Cedarville, NJ

'20 stars out of five'
“I got a Quiet Hitch after extensive Internet reviewing on what I could do to correct the slop in putting a tire carrier assembly on my OEM hitch. Adding Quiet Hitch made a solid connection and installed easily! Not a hint of movement. Rating: as of installation of three trips to work at 50 miles a day — 20 stars out of five!”

—J. Hayes, Armstrong, B.C., Canada

All-Terrain system looks and performs 'great'
“[My] bus and car work together beautifully and the InvisiBrake and All-Terrain tow system look and perform great and are easy to hook up and break down when it's time to stow the system. Graham's wiring work in the back of the bus was just what I was hoping for. Colin's bracket install on our Honda was perfect. Thank you, Mike, for inventing the great supplemental braking product; it's sure to be a big winner for Roadmaster and customers.”

—D. Renner, Goldendale, WA

Tough tow bar
“Our tow car was struck on the driver’s side by another car while we were parked. The collision was pretty violent — the other car was traveling about 40 mph (when it) struck the driver’s door of our Honda CRV. The damage to our vehicle was $3,000; his Honda Accord was totaled. The impact moved our CRV about three feet sideways. (Our) Falcon 2 tow bar was not damaged at all.”

— D. Phillips, Hermosa, SD

Sixteen tons, and what do you get?
“While on vacation, I put the Guardian under the coach for storage. Unknown to me, it was directly under the jack. After a week of a 32,000-pound coach on it, I thought it would be destroyed, but after a short time it returned to normal, with no damage. Now I know how really durable it is.”

—T. Thomas, El Dorado Hills, CA