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Product Description

Tow Defender protects your towed vehicle from rocks and road debris — a bumper-to-bumper blanket of protection!

Tow Defender's all-weather, heavy-duty screen deflects rocks, gravel and road debris down and away, protecting your towed vehicle's finish, headlights and windshield. Tow Defender uses a mesh fabric to let the air through while stopping everything else.

Fully extended, Tow Defender offers 20 square feet of vehicle protection. Gas struts automatically contract and extend while corning to accommodate the changing distances between the RV and towed vehicle.

Your RV's tires pick up gravel and sand that can pelt the front of your towed vehicle. Over time your vehicle's finish can be significantly damaged. Worse yet, a stray rock can break one of your headlights or your windshield. These are all costly to repair or replace. Tow Defender helps protect your car from whatever your RV may throw at it.

At freeway speeds, your RV pushes a lot of air. This creates a vacuum directly behind the motorhome. This vacuum creates a vortex that coats the rear of your RV and the front of your towed car with dirt and exhaust smoke. This is why the back of your RV gets so much dirtier than its sides.  Another benefit of the Tow Defender is that it knocks this vortex down helping to keep the back of your RV cleaner. 

Once you've reached your destination, simply roll up the Tow Defender, stretch the elastic straps around each end, and store it against the motorhome. No need to remove it. Your Roadmaster tow bar will still collapse and fold up for storage.

The Tow Defender attaches directly to your tow bar. It does not attach to either the car or RV. If you remove your tow bar from the receiver, the Tow Defender will be removed with the tow bar.

The 4700 Tow Defender is specifically designed to attach to Roadmaster tow bars with crossbar style baseplates. It does not fit direct-connect baseplates. If you have a direct-connect baseplate, or if you have a Blue Ox or Demco tow bar, then use the 4750 Tow Defender instead. 

• Protects your towed car from rock chips, dings, windshield and headlight damage

• Quick installation and easy to operate

• Lightweight and compact — weighs just 14.5 pounds, and rolls up to four inches in diameter

• Heavy-duty gas struts for maximum durability, support and cornering flexibility

• Reinforced seams and gussets for added longevity

Got Diesel?

If you have a diesel with rear exhaust, the Tow Defender fabric will melt unless the exhaust tip is at least 10" away from the mesh fabric. For these applications, we recommend installing a Roadmaster Heat Shield (#4725. Sold Seperatly).

For maximum protection, use what Roadmaster calls the 'Alaska Pack': a Tow Defender and a Guardian. Motorhomes kick up rocks, gravel and road debris, but so does oncoming traffic. A Tow Defender/Guardian combination protects your towed vehicle’s finish, headlights and windshield against damage from both lanes. This combination is highly recommended if you are traveling in Mexico, Alaska or remote areas of Canada.

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