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Product Description

Universal Brake Light Switch

Why do you need a brake light switch? Brake light switches are necessary if you’re installing a supplemental braking system monitor, and the vehicle’s OEM brake light switch doesn’t function while the vehicle is in ‘tow’ mode.

When installing a supplemental braking system, the RV driver should be able to monitor the braking activity of the dinghy. Roadmaster accomplishes this by monitoring the towed car's brake light switch. But in some vehicles, the brake light switch only functions while the car is running. The Universal Brake Light switch solves this problem by adding a brake light switch that functions while towing.

The brake light switch is only activated when the brake pedal is depressed. No other manufacturer provides brake light switches with this level of specificity. If you know when the towed vehicle’s brake pedal is depressed and released, then you know if the supplemental braking system is positioned properly and working as it should.

The Universal Brake Light Switch connects InvisiBrake, BrakeMaster, Even Brake and 9700 motorhome monitors directly to the towed vehicle's brake light, so you always know when the brake pedal is depressed and released. It's simple — brake light on: monitor on; brake light off: monitor off. And although it was designed for Roadmaster systems, this system will work with any supplemental braking system that moves the brake pedal of the towed vehicle.

Other manufacturers' motorhome monitors are connected to the supplemental braking system. They can only tell you when the supplemental braking system is on or off. They cannot tell you if the towed car's brakes are on or off. If the braking system malfunctions or is installed incorrectly, you could be fooled into thinking your brakes are off when they are not.

That's an important distinction, and here's why: Say the braking system is positioned too far forward, so it's riding on the brake pedal. Every Roadmaster monitor will accurately indicate continuous braking, notifying you of a problem before you even drive away. But motorhome monitors that are connected to the supplemental braking system will have nothing to report. That would likely result in brake damage.

Once mounted, the Universal Brake Light Switch beams infrared light to detect brake pedal movement. When the pedal moves down, it sends a signal to the monitor to inform the driver that the brakes have been applied.

The Universal Brake Light Switch —

• Easy installation. Just three wires — one wire to the brake transmitter, one to ground, and one to power.

• Works with any supplemental braking system that moves the brake pedal.

• Works on any vehicle with a brake pedal.

• Works with any motorhome monitor.

The 751000 is a Universal Brake Light Switch that mounts to the brake pedal arm under the dash.  It will fit nearly any vehicle.

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