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Product Description

Comfort Ride Slipper Spring Third Axle Kit

Most trailers have two axles and are known as tandem axle trailers. Comfort Ride Slipper Spring kits include enough parts for a typical tandem axle trailer. But many larger, higher end trailers and fifth wheels use three axles and are known as triple axle trailers. The kits listed below contain the components for a third axle only.

If installing Comfort Ride Slipper Springs on a triple axle trailer, you will need one tandem axle kit AND one third axle kit. The two kits combined provide all the components for three axles. 

Why doesn't Roadmaster offer one box with everything you need for 3 axles? Logistics. With all 6 leaf springs the kit would weigh approximately 180 lbs. This makes a single box too heavy to ship via small parcel. To prevent the extra cost of shipping by LTL freight truck, Roadmaster sells the third axle kit separately. The two boxes can both be shipped small parcel.

The 2560-50 is a Third Axle Slipper Spring system for up to 5,000-pound rated axles.

The 2570-50 is a Third Axle Slipper Spring system for up to 7,000-pound rated axles.

The 2580-50 is a Third Axle Slipper Spring system for up to 8,000-pound rated axles.

Installation instructions 

Important: You must order a tandem axle kit AND a 3rd axle slipper spring kit in order to have all the components for a triple axle installation. Both kits must be for the same weight rating.

How do I find axle measurements?
Need a Comfort Ride Shock Absorber for a third axle?
Add a Comfort Ride Shock Absorber system

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