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Product Description

Use Roadmaster Diodes to safely connect the RV's taillights, turns signals and brake lights to a towed vehicle.

Diodes are perhaps the most common method of connecting lighting between your RV and flat towed vehicle. If you connect the lighting without diodes, the current from the RV can flow backwards through the car, damaging its computer. Similarly, if the lights of the towed vehicle are turned on while still connected to the RV, then the current from the towed car can destroy the RV's computer module. Roadmaster Diodes prevent electrical feedback to either vehicle. The diodes allow the RV to illuminate the towed vehicle's lights without any danger of damaging either vehicle.

How do they do this? They only permit electrical current to flow in one direction — from the motorhome to the towed vehicle's taillights — and permit the towed vehicle's brake lights, running lights and turn signal wiring to connect to the motorhome. 

If you're using a diode, why not use the best? Roadmaster's Hy-Power diodes have a heavy-duty aluminum heat sink which dissipates any heat created by current flow. The diodes are sealed inside an aluminum housing, protecting the electronics from the elements. All electrical components are epoxy-sealed. These design elements make Roadmaster diodes the most durable and trouble-free wiring method available.

Most applications require a four-pack of diodes. Two diodes for the driver's side and two diodes for the passenger's side. However, if you are wiring a separate brake and turn motorhome to a separate brake and turn towed vehicle, you will need 6 diodes.

• Time tested and proven for more than 25 years
• heavy-duty 85 amp rating
• Aluminum heat sink to prevent overheating or failure
• Encased in epoxy for protection from the elements

The 790 is a single Hy-Power Diode.

The 792 is a pack of two Hy-Power Diodes.

The 793 is a pack of three Hy-Power Diodes.

The 794 is a pack of four Hy-Power Diodes.

The 790-25 is a bulk pack of 25 Hy-Power Diodes.

Note: Many newer vehicles now use a multiplex wiring system, whereby multiple electrical signals may be sent down a single wire (brake and taillights, for example). This is called variable voltage. If your vehicle has variable voltage, you will need Smart Diodes. Visit Fitmaster to verify if Smart Diodes are needed for your vehicle.

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