Item #PAR-690


Product Description

The Park Light Diode stops electrical feedback.

Use the Park Light diode in 12 volt circuits to make sure power can only flow in one direction. This is particularly useful if a circuit can be energized by more than one power source.

Roadmaster's Park Light diodes are pretty special. They are encased in an aluminum heat sink housing which dissipates excess heat caused by current flow. This design protects against heat failure. And because it is a sealed component, it is well protected against moisture and the environment. All of this adds up to making the 690 Park Light Diode extremely durable and troublefree.

• Time tested and proven for more than 25 years
• Rated for use up to 28 volts
• Rated for up to 85 amps
• Aluminum heat sink to prevent overheating and failure
• Encased in epoxy for protection from the elements
• Made in the USA

The 690 is a single Park Light Diode.
The 690-25 is a 25 pack of Park Light Diodes.

Question: Why is it called a Park Light Diode?

Answer: In the early days of flat towing vehicles, installers would simply connect the park light wire of the motorhome to the park light wire of the towed car without a diode. This was okay because the vehicle electrical systems were so basic. But with sophisticated electronics came new problems. If you were still connected to the motorhome and started the towed vehicle, it would send current from the towed car's park light circuit to the motorhome causing electronics to fail. To prevent this electrical backflow, Roadmaster created the Park Light Diode and it was commonly used until similar problems occurred with the brake and turn signal circuits. The solution was a comprehensive towed car wiring kit, like the 152, that includes a diode system to protect the park, brake, and turn signal circuits.

Question: If Park Light diodes are rarely used on towed cars, then why are they still being sold?

Answer: A wide range of applications have been found for the Park Light Diode in a number of different industries. Regardless of circuit or application, it stops electrical feedback in its tracks.



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