Item #195125


Product Description

Roadmaster's Spare Tire Carrier is a proactive approach to a flat tire.

This Spare Tire Carrier is designed for traditional automotive wheels found on most vans, pickups and SUVs. It features a patented design that allows the carrier to pivot down to the ground — just roll the wheel up and bolt it to the carrier, extend the tire carrier's handle, and use it to lever the assembly upward. Once vertical, it will automatically latch into position.

Carrying your own spare tire means you can control your costs and get back on the road quickly. If you don't have a spare wheel and tire, you may have to rely on roadside assistance and it's never a guarantee that they will have the size you need and if your wheel is actually damaged, you may incur additional costs and delay.

Benefits of a Spare Tire Carrier include —

• Ability to control your costs
• Included 2" receiver hitch accommodates hitch-mounted accessories
• Built-in anti-rattle device holds carrier snug in receiver
• Lever handle to easily raise and lower spare tire assembly
• Two receiver pin holes for fit flexibility
• Carrier lowers to either side for engine access, or for changing tires
• Baked-on powder coating for durability and corrosion resistance
• Made in the USA

The 195125 fits all lug nut patterns up to an 8" bolt circle, regardless of wheel size. Note, this carrier works with standard automotive type wheels.  It will not fit dually style wheels. 

Specifications for the 195125

• Fits wheels with a lug nut bolt circle up to 8"
• 6,000 lb. maximum towing capacity
• 200-pound maximum tongue weight
• Mounts in a standard 2" receiver

Will the 195125 fit on my vehicle?

Note: If your vehicle has dually wheels, or if it is an RV, use 195225-S for 2" receivers and 195250-S for 2.5" receivers.

Read what our customers say about this product...

"While heading out of Colorado, we had a flat at the New Mexico border. AAA was contacted and the nearest tire was finally found in Albuquerque. When AAA arrived 6 hours later, the spare was not specialized size. It got us to a tire shop, but had to be replaced with the correct RV tire before we could resume our vacation.

If I would have had the correct specialized spare tire with me, AAA could have had me on the road in 1 hour! Now, we will not be stranded on the roadside again due to a flat tire."

— D. Simpson, Fort Collins, CO

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