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StowMaster ... The world's first collapsible, self-aligning tow bar. When StowMaster was released, it was revolutionary. One person could unfold, extend and connect the StowMaster to a hitch ball or a pintle hook in just a few seconds. 

So why isn't Stowmaster still at the top of the sales chart? Primarily because it is a car-mounted tow bar.  It folds up and stores directly in front of the car's bumper. It can easily be unpinned and removed but many folks prefer to store their tow bar on the back of the RV.  

But don't be fooled. If you want a tow bar that is easy to handle, lasts longer than other tow bars, and is quickest to hook up or disconnect, then you can't go wrong with the StowMaster.

See the benefits of the StowMaster tow bar:

The StowMaster is engineered, tested and manufactured to the highest standards. It weighs just 38 pounds, yet pulls up to three tons. Roadmaster uses steel and stainless steel at every critical point to ensure superior strength and structural integrity. The StowMaster is easy to connect. Its inner arms telescope, center and automatically lock as you pull away. Once you've reached your destination, uncouple and collapse the tow bar for storage. You can either leave it on the vehicle or pull two pins to quickly remove it. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

The StowMaster has solid stainless steel inner arms and locking mechanisms. Its black finish is a durable, baked-on powder coat. With stainless steel moving parts and the heavy-duty powder coat finish, the StowMaster both looks better longer AND works better longer.

  • Made in the USA. The StowMaster is designed, engineered and manufactured at our plant in Vancouver, Washington. Virtually every process is done under the same roof. We make all of the parts and pieces that make the final product. When we say, 'we made it,' that's because it is truly made by American workers who are part of the Roadmaster family.
  • Telescoping arms are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Simply couple to a hitch ball and drive your RV away. The arms will automatically extend, center and lock in place for towing.
  • The large hook-up radius means you don’t waste time lining up your towed vehicle. StowMaster was nicknamed 'the marriage saver' as one person can easily connect it. No need for one person to drive the car while another guides you to the hitch ball.
  • Self-lubricating bushings eliminate friction between the inner and outer arms for smooth, easy operation. Other tow bars have steel riding on steel causing wear and failure over time.
  • Car-mounted. When you reach your destination, the Stowmaster conveniently folds up for storage directly in front your bumper. To remove Stowmaster from the vehicle, simply pull two small pins.  
  • Connects to a ball mount or pintle hook. The StowMaster connects directly to a hitch ball or pintle hook. These are time tested and proven methods of towing.
  • Solid stainless steel inner arms for smooth, trouble-free operation and easy maintenance. Stainless steel looks better, lasts longer and prevents corrosion that binds — Roadmaster tow bars are the most rust-free in the industry.
  • A lustrous, high-tech powder coat finish for maximum durability. This finish exceeds all 500-hour salt spray, high-impact and extreme weather standards. Electrically charged particles of pigment are sprayed onto the surface of the tow bar, then baked at more than 400 degrees. The paint fuses to the metal. The result is a uniform, thick and extremely durable finish — three times stronger than solvent-based paint.
  • Time tested and proven. Exceptional engineering and testing have earned StowMaster's excellent reputation as a cost effective, easy to use, tow bar.

Relentless Testing

FEA shows material weakness under stress, informing a better design.

Roadmaster was the first tow bar manufacturer to use computerized testing — as well as real world physical testing — to ensure structural integrity, longevity, and the safety of your family. Roadmaster’s computerized testing method is called FEA, which stands for Finite Element Analysis. FEA is the same method NASA, General Motors and Boeing use for testing.

Every FEA design is displayed as a full-scale, three-dimensional object, which engineers can rotate and study on the screen as they apply thousands of pounds of force across the load-bearing components. Stress in the aluminum or steel is pinpointed, and the design is manipulated to remove it. The result is a safe, trouble-free, long-lasting product.

Important! The StowMaster tow bar is designed to fit crossbar-style baseplates. It will not work with direct-connect baseplates.

The 501 is a

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Read what our customers say about this product . . .

“My husband and I purchased a StowMaster tow bar over a year ago. We have been towing for years and this is the best tow bar we have ever used. We sing the praises to all of our friends who tow and anyone else who glances at it.”

—D. Simmons, Poulsbo, WA

"I bought my StowMaster in 1992. It has served me well above expectations ever since. It has been on two motorhomes and four tow vehicles. It is easy to use and hook up. I would highly recommend the StowMaster.”

—J. Eaton, Helena, MT

Roadmaster tow bar comparison chart:

Need help choosing a tow bar? Call our experts at 1-800-669-9690 and choose option 2. All of our tow bars require a vehicle-specific baseplate. Find yours here.

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