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Product Description

Monitor any braking system that pushes or pulls on the brake pedal.

If you have a supplemental braking system in your towed vehicle, you need the ability to monitor it. Are the towed's brakes being applied? Are they on but staying on for too long after you release the RV's brakes? Are they stuck on?

A monitor isn't included with many brands of braking systems. And some that do only tell you if their supplemental braking system is 'on', not if your towed's brakes are on. This is a problem. If the system malfunctions, or if it is mis-installed, your brakes will overheat. If you aren't lucky enough to be flagged down by another motorist, your vehicle may actually catch fire. The best case scenario is a few thousand dollars worth of brake repairs.

Roadmaster's Brake Monitor constantly polices your car's brakes. It lights up whenever the towed vehicle's brakes are on. If on for too long, an audible alarm in your RV notifies you BEFORE any significant damage. If the towed vehicle breaks away from the RV, the monitor lights will flash and an audible alarm will sound.

The system also monitors your towed's battery voltage. Most braking systems will consume battery power from the towed vehicle. If the battery gets too low, your braking system no longer functions. Worse yet, you may not be able to start your car. The 9530 includes a low battery alert allowing you to start the car and recharge the battery before it is too late.

The 9530 is very easy to install. In the towed, it simply connects to a brake light switch. This is how we know if the brakes are on or off. From there, the system is wireless. This means there are no wires to string or labor to pay for installing the receiver in the RV. It just plugs into a 12-volt outlet or a USB port with an optional USB power cord.

• Truly universal — works with any supplemental braking system that pushes or pulls on the brake pedal
• Exceptional range & reliability — transmits to over 1000 feet; signal confirms and repeats for 100% reception

It also protects the towed vehicle's brakes by — 

  • reporting all braking activity to the RV
  • notifying of low towed battery
  • triggering an alarm if brakes are on for too long
  • activating a visual and audio alarm if the towed breaks away from the RV
  • Quick and easy installation — 30 minutes to connect it to the towed's brake light switch; no installation in the RV.

The 9530 consists of a wireless transmitter for the towed vehicle, a wireless receiver for the RV, a power supply cord, a wiring pigtail, and installation instructions.

Important: On some vehicles, the OEM brake light switch only functions if the vehicle is running. Roadmaster makes brake light switches for most towed vehicles. To see if you need an aftermarket brake light switch for your vehicle, visit FitMaster.


Voltage - 12 volts
Frequency - 923 MHz.
Sleep current - 30 mA.
DC Jack - 4 mm barrel size with 1.7 mm hole

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